Ghee is awesome! I mean so awesome, once you make it you will never ever eat processed butter again. Follow along with the photos ..enjoy. Ghee is clarified butter that has been melted over low to medium heat for about 30 minutes and allowed to bubble and simmer until most of the milk solids has either evaporated or is strained. The ghee-making processes originated from India years and years ago, commonly used in daily cooking. The key to making ghee is 1. starting off with a good quality of butter 2. eliminating moisture causing the milk solids to caramelize (the smell of this process is phenomenal, it smells just like caramel candy, you'll love it I promise (just remember not to burn your ghee)
Ghee health benefits
Use ghee to fight inflammation
 Decreased cholesterol levels 
 Daily dose of antioxidants
Excellent source of vitamin K2
Boost your micronutrient intake
A healthier butter choice