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DV leather boot sandal
Pandora and other sterling jewelry

Something simple


The benefits of black soap

I just love black soap, it really does work miracles on the skin. I remember using it a few years ago and have started back. I've not found a natural soap such as black soap. It's high performance improve complexion and decrease aging of the skin. This soap goes back many years and works better than any laser or chemical method I must add. Black soap is 100% all natural, made with various oils and herbs. Some of the ingredients are as follows: Pure honey, Shea butter, Osun (Camwood), Palmkernel oil, Cocoa pod ash, Palm bunch ash, Glycerine, Aloe Vera, Lime juice and oil, Lemon juice and oil, and water. The ingredients in black soap are carefully guarded and were passed down through generation. Genuine black soap is normally all black and have a dark translucent effect. Due to the way black soap is made, the soap itself is slightly abrasive which makes for an awesome body scrub. The soap works wonders for those with face, back, shoulder acne

FreeBird by Steven


10 Sunday Do's

Do explore something interesting
Do try new recipes
Do experiment with organic oils
Do relax with your favorite snacks
Do eat a cheessy pizza
Do have an organic Popsicle
Do add fresh fruit to your diet 
Do share an idea 
Do put Chia seeds on your yogurt
Do make a homemade burrito


Thrifty on Saturdays

 Shopping consignment is a great way to save money and stay fashionable. If you're looking to denote several vintage pieces of clothing or furniture simply take them in to make a little extra cash. Just because you're counting your coins doesn't mean you're stuck wearing the "same ole same ole". With thrift shopping, you can still be a fashionista on a budget