Gold jewelry with sparkle

On a jewelry high yall


Classy oval sterling ring
 Beautiful Filigree chic artisan sterling ring 


Unusual sterling ring with a large stone



Pandora has become the jewelry choice for women all over the world who want to express their own personal style.  The Pandora Jewelry collection offers a rich array of stylish jewelry created by artisans using the finest materials.  This adorable and sentimental keepsake will make an eye catching adornment for your or for someone you love

Two circles

Huge sterling ring detailed with two turquoise circles


Roped bangles

Gemstones incorporated with lustrous hues and a mix of shapes which makes a modern and dimensional statement on any look. Detailed 14kt gold, amethyst, and malachite. This style of jewelry is great to have in any collection. Bangles make a good look accessorized with any maxi beautifully, I wear them all at one time actually

Red, white, and blue

The red is coral - the white is MOP, and the blue is turquoise
I love this ring, it's such a unique piece, and only cost like $60


Broken shapes

Ster vintage jewelry

Plain old artsy . . .

Can't get enough of Native American jewelry: Long sterling coral ring, oval designer RLM sterling ring (not Native), and two thin native sterling rings from Pollack, one consist of green turquoise and coral (the two came as a group of four) I love to stack random piece together, not a bad combination

Pollack collection . . .

I love the Pollack collection although many pieces I like from this collection has already expired I still enjoy looking for discontinued pieces - a set of four sterling rings made of coral, turquoise, and lapis. For more from the Coralyn Pollack go here


Tall turquoise ring

Today I have turquoise on my mind

Unique turquoise ring

A cool statement piece is a staple in any jewelry box
Add unique pieces to your outfit
Snake wrapped around a two pieces of turquoise ring