Joes Jeans wedges ...

!Happy day
Look of the day . . . navy blue stripe cardigan and Joes Jeans wedges ... navy blue stripe knit cardigan, lime green spaghetti strap cami, Mango light pink pants, Mango fluorescent green socks, Marc Jacobs watch, Briggs Suede Wedge Sandals -- made by Joes Jeans, and a Louis Vuitton shoulder bag -- the Shopping Sac, and keepall 50


Vtg floral "so pretty" dress

Today's look of the day ...
Pairing a vintage floral dress with the right accessories is key. Thin waist belts are a great way to add a modern touch to the vintage dress. It also helps to slim the waistline and give the dress a sophisticated / feminine look. Try contrasting colors to give it a bold touch but don't overdo it. Flats are also a great way to balance out vintage looks (as I wore a pair of black perforated flats) -- purchased from UO. They provided the perfect neutral look to go with any floral design, yet they have enough modern feel to take you from a grandma look to sexy. It's all about balance - This look was coordinated with a black perforated simple but yet natural looking flats, light grey knit tights, a brown spaghetti strap belt, and a Louis Vuitton bag -- the Shopping Sac bag


Free People lace dress

Outfit of the day ...
Free People navy lace dress with Irregular Choice leather wedges Today's look of the day is inspired by this navy blue lace dress featuring a hot orange sheer lining (which came with the dress). I brought this dress from Free People. It's basically all lace with a thin orange material which acts as a  lining. I like this dress because it's quite different and unusual --  and made with light weight material another great detail about this dress is the pleated hem. I coordinated this look with a pair of high wedge leather oxfords with a pair of 4.5 - 5.0 - inch wedges, made by Irregular Choice, navy blue tights, black patent leather band made by Coach, and black leather caviar Chanel handbag


Free people skirt

Happy Friday Everyone!
Today's look of the day .... Free People skirt coordinated with a light teal arty back top. 
Grey Free People skirt, I adore this skirt because it's unique and fairly different -- I got the black and grey about two months ago also quite comfy, featuring a soft two-tiered with four interior bow ties under the over skirt. Ties can be adjusted too add a bustled look to the skirt, light teal artsy back top, Banana Republic salt and pepper abstract tights, salmon colored spaghetti strap cami, brown leather band MOP/dia Fendi watch, Lucky Brand black leather perforated wooden heels, and a Louis Vuitton monogram shoulder bag


Printed dress, white collar

Hope everyone is enjoying their day
Outfit of the day .... Simple and chic vtg navy blue printed-patterned white collar dress with knee socks, coordinated with black knee high socks, tan leather perforated wooden heels, and a Louis Vuitton handbag, Alma monogram bag


Denim and Irregular Choice wedges ...

Outfit of the day ...
Today's look of the day is pretty much simple -- but yet classy. Although it was a bit humid out today this look was perfect for the sunshine.  Outfit description:  Abercrombie/Fitch long sleeve denim button down shirt, maxi knit skirt -- Can I please tell you how much I love ZARA, this store is truly one of my all time favorites! I brought this skirt sometime last year, they had it in various colors, this one was my favorite. This skirt is so comfortable and is made out of a soft knit light weight cotton material, I could indeed wear it all day, everyday -- totally maxi obsessed, I also coordinated this outfit with a vintage inspired brown woven leather belt -- brought from Abercrombie and Fitch, cream spaghetti strap cami, sky blue leather band Coach watch, a orange gemstone ring, a pair of Irregular Choice wooden wedge featuring brown leather woven detail -- 6.0 inch wedge heavy weight but very comfy --love Irregular Choice shoes, and a Louis Vuitton handbag -- speedy 40


GEE WAWA and stripes ...

Today's outfit of the day will be paying a kind contribute to my black leather GEE WAWA boots. These boots are truly amazing and surprisingly comfortable. I finally had the chance to wear  them and received a great deal of compliments. I brought them from Solestruck.com some time ago but couldn't decide when or what  to wear them with. GEE WAWA have a variety of different styles, ranging from leather boots, flats, and sandals --- available online. Online recommended websites: Freepeople.com and Solestruck.com -- I paired this look based by these black GEE WAWA boots coordinated with a lovely blue cotton long sleeve pocketed top (nice addition of color contrast), black and white maxi stripe dress featuring a slit on the left side (in which I tied a small knot), a Marc Jacobs pirate watch (I love this watch -- I purchased it at Nordstorm last year glad I did because it is such a unique piece to have)), a 14k gold gemstone ring, and a Burberry handbag - made by Burberry (the Knight studded bag --  which weights a ton but that's ok)http://www.solestruck.com/gee-wa-wa-womens-shoes/


Black laced cardigan

Outfit of the day ...
Lace it up -- all day long. Lace is good for all year round, versatile - light lovely chic material. Today's look of the day is this adorable black lace cardigan and brown-tan cotton- lace combination leggings.  The coordination of this outfit was fun and easy because you can do so much with this material. I coordinated both lace garments together, which worked out well without over powering this look, also adding a beautiful turquoise cami which added a nice burst of color and texture to this outfit as a whole - wedges  made by Jeffrey Campbell - featuring black leather straps with a wooden 4.5 inch wedge, and a Louis Vuitton handbag -- the Damier Alma bag (which also brought a lovely contrast to this outfit)