Anthro wooden block . . .

I love this piece as it adds a touch of chic and a pop of color to the wrist -
an inexpensive addition I brought from Anthropologie a while back. Adding one bold piece to a look or outfit can make a big different as a whole 

Floral on my boots

 Floral patterned boots made by Dr. Martens


O me O mine . . .

Huge round statement turquoise inspired sterling ring
 I like the vein detail the turquoise present -  this ring has a nice vintage 
patina to it as the turquoise is slowly starting to brown


A maxi moment

Patterned maxi skirt, green basic top, Dooney and Burke shoulder bag
80 20 leather sandals, modern, vintage, and designer sterling jewelry


Polka dots and pops of color

I love wearing anything with polka dots and adding some sort of color to it - today's look
Vintage polka dot dress, teal sweater, Chanel bag, teal embroidered socks, Irregular Choice leather wedges, vintage, modern, and designer sterling jewelry


Sweater-ruffle combo

Cream embroidered sweater, olive ruffled maxi, LV speedy 40, light brown sweater
Dolce Vita leather boots, vintage, modern, and designer sterling jewelry




Scattered leaves - scattered bricks - scattered Tiffany boxes - Malachite/sterling earrings
 - turquoise - sterling cuffs - lace tops - designer perfumes - random costume jewelry