Today's OOTD

 AE cream cords, stripe sweater, orange socks, DB bag, Fendi sunglasses, Boutique 9 suede wooden heels laced with dark brown shoe laces, my favorite detail about this shoe


Needle point

I love sharing cool things on this blog, especially jewelry. I found this lovely needle point Zuni ring on one of my favorite websites to buy vintage jewelry - Rubylane. It is signed by the artist and made of turquoise and sterling silver


Stripes and pop

 Buy what you like and love it no matter what. I read magazines every now and then and get great inspirational ideas from them but I don't necessarily use them as "do or die" guidelines per say. I buy what I like whether it's modern, vintage, or a brand name. It could be from this season or last season, or no season - if I like it I'll wear it and enjoy it. Normally my style is a bit of everything and fun, I look for clothing/accessories that are visually appealing to my personality/style
Cute stripe dress with a lovely red-pop vibe - in which I brought a couple of years of ago from F21, black leather fringe boots, leather Dior bag, black cardi, and black tights


Easy eggs

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, !I agree

Basically to make this simple breakfast (serving size for one), all you need is three large eggs - I used only one of the yolks, cheese of your choice - in this case I used mozzarella, four slices of tomato, salt/pepper, and a dollop of sour cream


Today is . . .

A new day ... think positive and be inspired by something


MOD sterling necklace

I love modernist jewelry, modernist jewelry/accessories are unique in a lot a of amazing ways, designed with interesting edgy shapes and creative styles, I simply can't resist. Vintage MOD pieces are my favorite, normally signed by the artist, rare, and hard to find
Vintage sterling square pendant-necklace with a smooth subtle matte design (kind of remains me of the ocean)


Plaid shorts and studs

Loving this look to the core - there's just something so cool about coordinating red plaid with shiny studs. I don't know what I was thinking when I put this outfit together, sometimes you just gotta go with the flow -- AF red plaid shorts, cross cotton top, AF denim skirt, black tights, JC studded heels, vintage, modern, and designer jewelry


A delicate touch

While I love wearing big, bold, and chunky accessories sometimes delicate jewelry stands out just as well. So, once in a while I'll add a subtle inspired piece of jewelry to my outfit  - small trinkets such as hearts, XO's, round pendants, tinnnnnie tiny barely noticeable necklaces/rings, or anything with an odd shape or design that symbolizes elegance or dainty
Random sterling necklaces and bracelets


Funky printed cords

A lovely pair of Free People floral cords that I brought during the holidays last year. I love them just a tad bit too much as they have this chic-retro vibe to them - besides I adore anything with a print

FP floral cords, BELIEVE graphic top, black studded cardigan, rose color socks, JC leather heels, and a whole bunch of jewelry consisting of vintage, modern, and designer