Pleated Paisley

I crave layers

Perk up your look to give it exciting diversity and statement. If you want to wear a bunch of sterling silver jewelry add fun layers, shapes, and gemstones to incorporate extra glamor. Pick pieces that has big stones or colorful beads and wear it among silver or gold metals to break the monotony of your accessories. Another way to be creative - create patterns! Mix and match your jewelry to achieve that perfect layered look


Jewellery on display

I'm just going to be honest. I keep my jewelry in just about every place in my home. My rings, necklaces, and bracelets lay on wooden corner tops, aztec backgrounds, or colorful place mats. (every now and again I place my rings in cute little trinket boxes). A couple of years ago I’ve begun to get more comfortable with displaying jewelry throughout my house, finding it inspirational in the home d├ęcor sense. I think this gives my home-life a sense of peace. Each and everytime I see a piece of my jewelry laying around my home it gives me a warm feeling inside and even brightens my mood. It’s all about walking into a space feeling a chic-boho vibe, I live for this feeling each and everyday. The concept I use for displaying jewelry is simply clearing off a shelf or the top of a dresser. I usually just place the jewelry I wore for the day in random pieces -  it could be something antique, tribal, or modern

Ethnic fabrics


Destination: anywhere

Sometimes it' good to dream about the next best thing. I enjoy traveling, even for just one day ...take me any and everywhere! I’ve been traveling for many years now ...road trips, long walks,  flights - you name it and I've probably explored it. Made it a personal challenge to travel at least 3-4 times a year, I like to think of it as a interesting hobby as I always consider bringing my favorite things to make it a more exciting experience ....a couple of cameras, cool clothes, jewelry,  and a computer. Packing a carry-on purse or bag is a lesson in necessity I think. Guess I feel kinda naked without it ..
...pack up your bags and follow me