Pink floral

Today's outfit of the day ...
Calling all floral print lovers -- floral print is great for everyday of the year if you ask me. Contribute to this classy but yet chic floral printed dress, featuring a floral design with a  fantastic vintage twist. This dress is made of a light weight cotton material which is soft to the touch and very comfort for all day wear. I coordinated this look with a brown leather spaghetti strap belt -- positioned above the waistline, a Fendi pink MOP leather band watch, dark color violet open toe patent leather wedges, and a Louis Vuitton shoulder bag, which at times is used as a clutch bag.  If you would like to inquire where I shop to buy my clothing and shoes, please send me an email, and I will be happy to answer questions, as sometimes I forget to post it


... Floral maxi skirt

Today's outfit of the day ...
A tiered floral detail maxi skirt. I brought this skirt a while back and figured I could find something to wear with it finally. Surprisingly I found it fairly fun and easy - basic yellow sheer like top, long sleeve light denim shirt with embedded studs -- the buttons has a mother of pearl top finish, Jeffrey Campbell navy blue suede leather boots with wooden heels, Fendi mother of pearl pink leather band watch, and a handbag made by Louis Vuitton -- the Delightful PM, one of my favorite handbags ... I hope it never patina


Bohemian skirt and beaded top

Today's outfit of the day ... 
Lovely bohemian style maxi skirt with multicolored beaded embroidered top. The bohemian style is a favorite of mine because this style is comfortable, feminine, and works well when mixed with more structured items -- you can also coordinate a look as such with many colors and different patterns. With their carefree combo of coverage and coolness, these types of boho maxi skirts are breezy enough to substitute for shorts. This outfit / look was coordinated with a light black cotton sleeveless top (with print reading MUCHO MACHO) and also featuring tiny multicolored beads on the sleeve lining -- with tied knot, I coordinated this look with a red leather Louis Vuitton handbag -- the Louis Vuitton Alma EPI, shoes are made by Jeffrey Campbell -- red distressed leather boots -- featuring gold studs and wooden 4.5 inch heel


UO latest catalog ...

 New from Urban Outfitters ... featuring my favorites


Boho teal slouchy dress

Printed silk dress with fabric and patent leather oxfords ...
As everyone know, I have a big heart for printed or pattern clothing, whether it be patterned pants, tops, skirts, or shirts ... you name it and I would probably wear it. Patterned clothing are unique because you can do so much with them. You can pair patterned detailed clothing with many colors and other different patterns to create retro, urban, vintage looks. Today 's  outfit of the day is featured with this boho teal and black over sized sleeve slouchy dress or patterned style vintage dress - perfect dress for lounging around or you can wear something like this out for shopping or dinner.  I love this dress because it is comfortable and modern chic-like the material is light weight, soft, and silky. I coordinated this dress with a pair of cream colored cotton material oxfords featuring a patent leather lining, a zucca Fendi watch, and a black patent leather Fendi handbag - the B Bag


Puff sleeve slouchy dress

Today's outfit of the day ...
A fabulous textured loose fitting black and white graphic puff sleeve slouchy dress. I love this dress - this dress has such a beautiful vintage style and comfortable fit to it. Featuring a unique graphic design consisting of arrow shape patterns. My favorite detail about this dress is the three buttons located in accordance on top of the shoulder - a lovely creative feature to this dress that I like alot. I basically coordinated this dress with a Coach navy patent leather band watch, a gemstone ring - which added a nice color contrast.  To the waist line I wore a spaghetti black leather belt - I  almost always wear a belt when wearing a dress, wearing a belt brings a delicate look and feel to the look as well, black sheer knee length socks, Lucky Brand honey brown leather Randy Wedges featuring a top-stitch leather straps, shaped wooden platforms, red LV leather EPI handbag - Alma, nice pop


Oversize top

Today's outfit is coordinated around this ultra chic yet retro skirt and top - this skirt is beautiful and features an intricate print composed of paisley, flowers and geometric shapes with an elasticized waistline and wide ruffle hem - lightweight material F21. The top has a over sized tunic flavor to it, with a nice draped added effect - the material is light and comfortable. I coordinated this outfit with a pair of black strappy gladiator sandals made by Dolce Vita and a Louis Vuitton handbag - Speedy 30 Damier