Serpentine . . .

Retro deco serpentine inspired sterling bracelet


Seasoned "butter beans"

Call them "Butter beans" or Lima beans" to me either way means the same thing (actually the butter bean version seems to come out a tad bit creamier than the Lima bean side of the house). This recipe is so easy. You can pretty much make these beans anyway you want. In the past I have made them all kinds of ways, simply add in all your favorite spices and veggies (that's it) - no fail recipe really

Ingredients: 3 tbsps minced garlic or garlic powder - 2 tbsps onion powder - 1 tbsp cayenne pepper - 2 tbs lemon juice - 2 tbs dried parsley - salt/pepper as preferred - 1/2 pkg bacon or some type of smoked favored meat (many people use ham hocks or smoke turkey) - 3 tbsps olive oil or as needed - 2 cups rough chopped onion - 16 ozs lima beans, drained - 2 cups water - 2 cans chicken broth
Cook for 1hr and serve on a bed of rice


Good morning sunshine

 Today is a new day. Be grateful for every moment


Jewelry color combo

Coordinating different color blends that compliments each other giving great contrast to your outfit ensemble. In this case, I thought turquoise and onyx looked superb together 
(onyx and turquoise sterling rings)


Flowy top - flowy skirt

 OOTD: Flowy top and flowy skirt coordinated with black leather laced boots
Beautiful salmon color maxi, purchased from ASOS - very comfortable and soft. This skirt is kind of like my "go-to" skirt when I want to look dressy but at the same time relaxed, coordinated with a touch of dark grey long cardigan, smokey grey under top, Dior bag, and leather boots brought from Free People.com


No bake banana pudding

 Banana pudding is a dessert you can eat year round and there's only one way to make it in my book - the easy way. I find myself making this comfort dessert maybe 1-2 times a year (but this will probably be the last time I make it by the Jell-o box way since I've actually learned how to make vanilla custard which works even better in banana pudding)

Simple ingredients - simple steps
one box of banana cream jell-o
two - three cups of milk (use as needed)
one box of vanilla wafers of your choice
one can of crushed pineapple 
* * * *
you can use 1-2 fresh bananas if you choose to - I find fresh bananas 
quickly ripen inside of the banana pudding
leaving the pudding looking dark and murky, plus in this case I used banana favored pudding
 Base the bottom the dish with a handful of cookies
Spread the cookie evenly at the bottom of the dish
(I like to turn most of the cookies top facing up, at least most of them)
Pour a spoonful of the banana cream over the cookies
 Crushed pineapple-drained you can use whatever brand you like normally I would use Dole, but this time I'm using Del Monte.The taste is about the same - Dole seems to be a tad bit sweeter, which I like
Spread a spoonful of the crush pineapple over the banana cream
At this point, you will then repeat the layering process -
banana cream
crushed pineapple . . .
until the ingredients have reached the rim of the dish
Lastly, make sure to leave a handful of cookies for the top
neatly layer the cookies (top side up) 
* * * * 
Depending on preference, you can let sit in the refrigerator for 30 mins -1hr until ready for serving
And there you have it - the most easiest and less time consuming no-bake banana pudding I have ever made. I like to garnish with cool whip or even a scoop of vanilla ice cream, but that's just me - !enjoy


All hands on deck 7

Show us your rings !love


Different vibes

 As the cool seasons starts to emerge upon us I find myself coordinating "this with that" and "that with this" - designer bits with different patterns ... sweat pants and scarves. I have always enjoyed wearing random pieces whether it matches or not - especially during this time of year. I love the idea of combining retro with modern and other fashion trends. Patterns, plaids, polka dots, and studs are all contained in today's outfit, but I don't mind it - AE scarf, AE plaid shirt, Burberry bag, UO pants, turquoise ring, modernist sterling rings, Coach multicolor bangle, Coach black patent watch, gold necklace, Sam Edelman leather studded boots, sterling bangle, gold circle of love necklace


"A" for Autumn

Open your heart to Autumn



 Urban Outfitters sequins sweater, Urban Outfitters ruffle rose dress, JC leather sandals, Marc Jacobs handbag, black tights, Coach patent watch, gold jewelry