No bake banana pudding

 Banana pudding is a dessert you can eat year round and there's only one way to make it in my book - the easy way. I find myself making this comfort dessert maybe 1-2 times a year (but this will probably be the last time I make it by the Jell-o box way since I've actually learned how to make vanilla custard which works even better in banana pudding)

Simple ingredients - simple steps
one box of banana cream jell-o
two - three cups of milk (use as needed)
one box of vanilla wafers of your choice
one can of crushed pineapple 
* * * *
you can use 1-2 fresh bananas if you choose to - I find fresh bananas 
quickly ripen inside of the banana pudding
leaving the pudding looking dark and murky, plus in this case I used banana favored pudding
 Base the bottom the dish with a handful of cookies
Spread the cookie evenly at the bottom of the dish
(I like to turn most of the cookies top facing up, at least most of them)
Pour a spoonful of the banana cream over the cookies
 Crushed pineapple-drained you can use whatever brand you like normally I would use Dole, but this time I'm using Del Monte.The taste is about the same - Dole seems to be a tad bit sweeter, which I like
Spread a spoonful of the crush pineapple over the banana cream
At this point, you will then repeat the layering process -
banana cream
crushed pineapple . . .
until the ingredients have reached the rim of the dish
Lastly, make sure to leave a handful of cookies for the top
neatly layer the cookies (top side up) 
* * * * 
Depending on preference, you can let sit in the refrigerator for 30 mins -1hr until ready for serving
And there you have it - the most easiest and less time consuming no-bake banana pudding I have ever made. I like to garnish with cool whip or even a scoop of vanilla ice cream, but that's just me - !enjoy