Seasoned "butter beans"

Call them "Butter beans" or Lima beans" to me either way means the same thing (actually the butter bean version seems to come out a tad bit creamier than the Lima bean side of the house). This recipe is so easy. You can pretty much make these beans anyway you want. In the past I have made them all kinds of ways, simply add in all your favorite spices and veggies (that's it) - no fail recipe really

Ingredients: 3 tbsps minced garlic or garlic powder - 2 tbsps onion powder - 1 tbsp cayenne pepper - 2 tbs lemon juice - 2 tbs dried parsley - salt/pepper as preferred - 1/2 pkg bacon or some type of smoked favored meat (many people use ham hocks or smoke turkey) - 3 tbsps olive oil or as needed - 2 cups rough chopped onion - 16 ozs lima beans, drained - 2 cups water - 2 cans chicken broth
Cook for 1hr and serve on a bed of rice