If I had my way

 I would wear comfy clothes with big jewelry everyday of my life
UO grey sweat pants
mustard sweater top
grey grandfather cardi 
big, vintage, and designer sterling jewelry
and some of those wooden clogs leather boots - JC
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Got my eye on U

Visual effects
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Fun childhood snacks

Child-hood snacks are always fun. Young children can be picky eaters so here's a great way to give them something fun to eat yet healthy "Flies on a log" it's called (raisins, peanut butter, and a celery stick)
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Bring me back

to the moments I get to spend with you. I bet I'll see you soon, like tomorrow
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A little bit more

Urban Outfitters' top. I love shopping at Urban Outfitters, as you already know..
seems I always find a little bit more than just a piece of fabric.
I adore their abstract designs, their tops, 
coats, and maxis. I must admit Urban Outfitters is a lot more less
 expensive than most brands I shop and for the most part and the clothes are timeless
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You caught me smilin

Ok, check this out. If you want to see a girl smile.. take her to Urban Outfitters. Everytime I walk into an OU I'm smiling from ear to ear. UO have an ocean full of fun things, I can't even stand it. I am not promoting or advertising UO just telling it like I see it.. I'm in love
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Extra grip

vintage, modernist, and designer sterling jewelry
Free People rose cords
UO tye dyed skirt
ASH leather studded boots
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The same thing made a different way. Shirts purchased from Urban Outfitters 
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