Collecting is passion

Once I've acquired a few key quality pieces to my collection I tend to 
add items that are fun and exciting too
These pieces can still be classy. I look for solid big-bulky sterling silver and gold
pieces. I find designer and artisan pieces make great choices for these types of jewelry
Basic jewelry are not just traditional designs in my opinion; these pieces forms the 
foundation for more elaborate pieces. Buying basics or plain looking jewelry is 
why my collection has transformed into a variety of unique timeless pieces
Everyone who loves jewelry should own at least one plain cuff of some sort. I 
find cuffs can be worn everyday but they also go with everything
Collecting jewelry is passion. No matter what your style is, if you start 
by building a selection of quality and basic pieces, you will find that 
it is easier to incorporate ones own style without sacrificing your budget
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