Put it in a poem

Sometimes it's just best to put your thoughts in a poem. I choose to photograph them, (all of them).. at least I try. If you really love fashion, food, photography, and jewelry then this blog is perfect for you


Purple rain

My style changes everyday ..like the weather. But I love it though.
Purple scarf, navy top, multicolor plaid skirt, JC leather lacey boots, vintage, modernist, and designer sterling jewelry 


Be thankful always

Be thankful for the beauty that surrounds you, be thankful for the great people in your life, be thankful for never ending blessings, be thankful for today, and tomorrow
Wishing everyone a fabulous Thanksgiving


I am a dreamer

 Be a dreamer of all good things. Love and express yourself through what makes you happy ..let your dreams become your reality


A real autumn day

 A real Autumn day looks just like this.
 Mod Cloth plaid coat, navy basic top, ZARA olive pants, DV leather boots, CHLOE leather bag, vintage, designer, and modern sterling jewelry


Bonjour ma chère

Good morning my dear. 
Wishing you a very happy-relaxing Sunday. May you enjoy your day to the fullest and prepare to do it all over again tomorrow


A story to tell..

Every piece of art has a story to tell. As I walked though this art gallery I could only imagine what each artist thought before creating these lovely pieces and what each piece meant. I found my imagination wondering off into a world of it's own... behind every great creation is a purpose. I have to do art galleries more often


Shrug it off

Words for today. When wearing large flowy tops... shrug it off your shoulders. I just love how today's look as a whole flows. Having a variety of leggings to choose from also helps mix and match relaxed, casual, or laid back outfits, you can never have too many leggings
Oversize peach colored top, grey leggings, DV leather boots, modernist, designer, and vintage sterling jewelry