Natural skin/hair products

So glad I got smart when it comes down to using natural skin and hair products. There are so many advantages: You may not realize it, but when you wash your hair you are washing chemicals down the drain. The chemicals used in your hair don’t just stay on your head; they go down the drain and into the environment. Research have found this can have a negative effect on the world around us

Unlike chemically enhanced products, organic hair products can even be a healthy choice for women especially during pregnancy. Organic hair products tend to be more expensive but the price gap is not very wide. Plus, wouldn’t you be willing to throw in a couple more bucks for a product that will be beneficial to our health. When talking the pros and cons of each type of product into account, organic hair products are far more valuable

Chemically enhanced hair products may give you the look and feel that you want here and now, but they are damaging the health of your hair in the long run. Organic products are actually good for your hair. The more you use them, the healthier your hair will get. When you use hair products containing chemicals, you are exposing your whole body to those chemicals. You can’t rub shampoo in your hair or coat your hair with product without at least some of the product being absorbed into your skin and processed by your body. In a way, you are poisoning your body with small amounts of chemicals on a daily basis. By using organic hair products, you eliminate the unnecessary chemical intake that can be harmful to your body. These products will lead to healthier hair and a healthier body