Jewelry making

You don't need much experience or long hours 
sitting in a class, skills, or power tools
All you need is motivation 
and a few basic, inexpensive beads and tools
 9 easy steps:
1.  Choose the length for your bracelet and purchase that much beading thread
2.  Choose your beads 
3.  Make sure you have your  clasp and two bead tips
4.  Knot the thread end and use scissors to trim off the excess
5. Push the unknotted end of your thread through one open end
6.  Place a small amount of  glue onto the knot and allow to dry
7.  String your beads
8. Tie a loose knot in the remaining thread end, make sure it's nice and tight
9.  Take one clasp piece onto one bead tip hook so that the loops at the end of each are joined, do the same for the other end, and you're done