How I: oxidize sterling silver w/ eggs

Oxidizing jewelry is something I find myself doing a lot lately. I find it fun and easy
Simply follow along with the photos and simple steps
Step 1: Buy a couple dozens of eggs (I used way too many eggs for my project in the
beginning.. I recommend not wasting food). Using boiled eggs can be hard work
but it is rather safe than some of the other chemicals used for oxidizing jewelry
In another post I will show you how I oxidize by using Liquid of Sulfur
For this project I used 2 eggs for about 6 rings, two Ziploc medium sized bags,
two paper towels, a small size sauce pot for boiling the eggs, string, scissors, and foil
(supplies for this project may vary)
Step 2: Boil the eggs in about 2 cups of water for 15-20 minutes
Put the eggs in the pot before you add the water to avoid cracking them
 Step 3: Pick out what jewelry you want to oxidize and set aside
Step 4: Set aside the Ziploc bags/ paper towels
I love sterling but it's nice to have balance in a collection
A collection in my opinion should consist of bright, rustic, and antique tones
I find the oxidization darkens and shows a lovely texture to jewelry
Step 5: While the eggs are boiling rolled the jewelry as if you were rolling
a burrito or something - tucking the ends underneath ..(I rolled about 6 rings at a time)
Once rolled, set aside
Step 6: Get your scissors and string - cut about an arm length of the string
(wrap the string tightly around the rolled up jewelry, as seen in step 9)
Step 7: Once the eggs are finished boiling, ensure you handle with care to
avoid burning yourself. Make sure the eggs are well dried
Step 8: While the eggs are still hot, put them in the Ziploc bag,
then with your finger tips gently mash the eggs (including the shells/yolks)
Step 9: Try to in distribute the eggy mixture evenly throughout the bag
so the jewelry can somewhat get the same amount of oxidization throughout
Step 9: Wrap tightly with the foil, then set aside for 2 - 10 hrs
And there you have it ..lovely oxidized jewelry
You can also use a polishing cloth to rub off some of the oxidization
.. modify it as you choose
If you want your pieces to stay dark for a good period of time,
seal it with any brand of silver wax
!Enjoy and have fun