My style is random

 I don't normally blabber on my posts but I would love to summarize my personal style as it can be quite random at times. I have a nice size wardrobe of clothes ranging from vintage, ASOS, HM, Zara, Free People, Urban Outfitters, and so forth. I'd say my personal style is any and everything really. Depending on my mood determines what I will do for that particular day. I tend to do alot with second hand combined with designer things. I adore grunge, boho, hippie, and or anything out of the ordinary. {Pause}. My style motto: SIMPLE CLOTHES with SHOWY ACCESSORIES. If you are following my blogs then you probably already know long maxi skirts and dresses inspires me. Also, a really big obsession for bulky jewelry (I want to wear them everyday). I wear a lot of what I like to call "mixed emotion" (meaning I never know what I'm going wear from day to day). Bags are a must. I pretty much carry one no matter what . . . (every lady should own atleast one). Handbags are like my right hand as I have too much stuff, they kinda help keep me on track from me losing my eyeglasses occasionally which I tend to lose and find again. Usually I carry a mix of designer handbag bags ranging from my favorite brand Louis Vuitton, A. Wang, Gucci, Dior, CHLOE, Chanel, Fendi and a few others. Color wise I like all the colors in the crayon box, especially when coordinating patterns with basics. I prefer Winter time clothes of all the seasons in which I wear bright colors with some kind of wacky print. I have invested in many sandals, boots, and wedges. I love wearing socks with sandals and boots with maxi skirts, finding myself wearing the same ole boot all the time . . . it's complicated, not really (smiles)
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